Dispute Resolution Practice

Dispute resolution is the core of our practice, our qualified legal consultants represent clients in United Arab Emirates. We have a professional bilingual dispute resolution team that blends a solid legal background with battle-proven and tested legal practice evident through years of handling cases.

Our team of qualified legal consultants take on any cases involving corporate, commercial, civil, employment, intellectual property, real estate, rental, banking, construction, shipping, insolvency, criminal, and other types of cases.

Over the years, our bilingual consultant team has sharpened its experience and knowledge of the local law and regulations, including entire court and authorities’ processes. When taking on a dispute, we prioritize understanding our client’s needs and objectives and work with them towards achieving the best possible outcomes.

Our effective, continuous, and open communication with clients has afforded us successful case results. By keeping them involved and in the loop on the existing dispute process, we easily set the record straight and keep the client updated on the complicated process while clarifying the dispute costs, timelines involved, implications on their personal status, and chances of winning.

Throughout the dispute process, our clients are kept updated on the progression of the entire process and every step made, including all the legal and technical arguments made. Our strategy is to always to advanced steps and go the extra step from the opponent.

We stay prepared and ready to counter any unexpected events during the dispute process.


Practice Areas

Dispute resolution practice

litigation practice is the core of our practice, and our qualified lawyers represent clients before all courts in Dubai and United Arab Emirates

Employment Law

Our employment law team has mastered the latest amendments to labour law and developments from the previous laws.

Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance team advises our clients on their finances under conventional and Islamic transactions and laws..

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property legal team is experienced in assisting in drawing up contracts agreements to ensure minimal risk of dispute.

Corporate & Commercial

Our specialists offer sound, practical, and updated advice on mergers and acquisitions,incorporation,liquidation, and structuring.

Real Estate

The real estate legal team solves and represents clients during all real estate cases before all courts, including rental dispute cases Whether you are a tenant or landlord

Insurance law

Our insurance litigation team boasts a strong and lucrative practice with an impressive success record in representing our clients in insurance cases before all court.

Incorporations & formations

Our team assists clients in registering Limited Liability Companies, and representative offices of non-UAE companies ,Free zone companies, and offshore .