About Us

ROUSAN & ASSOCIATES legal consultants is among the leading law firms in the UAE.

Our Dispute Resolution Practice are qualified and licensed, with each lawyer having 15+ years of legal experience. We can represent clients before Dubai courts, United Arab Emirates federal courts, public prosecutions, and police stations.

Our Lawyers and legal consultants effectively provide all essential legal services for clients in all sectors and cases, including commercial and civil litigation, employment, real estate, construction, banking, shipping, insolvency, insurance, criminal and other sectors. 

Our lawyers and legal consultants are licensed and qualified. Our lawyers have successfully passed various bar certifications and are certified Dubai Legal Affairs Department members. Our team combines world-class western education & culture and extensive, case-tested experience in Dubai, UAE, GCC, and the surrounding regions.

ROUSAN & ASSOCIATES team are bilingual lawyers. We speak Arabic and English. We are experts in solving complicated cases and handling dispute resolutions. We exhaust every possible option for our clients that presents them with the best possible outcome, including out-of-court settlements, but if we have no choice but to go before the court, we go in and ensure our clients get the best possible outcome.

Our litigation team prioritizes achieving the best outcome for our clients. We go the extra mile and take advanced steps that our opponents overlook to ensure that the litigation process achieves the best outcome for our clients.

Throughout your litigation process, our team will communicate openly, continuously, and effectively with you to guarantee the best result of the procedure.

ROUSAN & ASSOCIATES corporate team are professionals and experts in handling all commercial and corporate matters, including company structure, terms of incorporation, liquidation procedures, mergers and acquisitions, and any corporate law issue.

Our corporate lawyers and legal consultants expertly draft, review and evaluate every manner or legal document, including commercial and civil agreements such as partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, settlement agreements, franchise agreements, commercial agency agreements, and every other corporate law document.